Strolling the narrow streets of these two villages, lose yourself in their charming and timeless atmosphere

The province of Livorno is full of charming villages, which are mainteined in excellent conditions from the Medieval era and offer stunning views. If you get through the Etruscan Cost, move slightly inland and stop to visit them: it will be a real blast from the past. The structure and the environment that sorround them, in fact, have remained unchanged to the present day, as in the case of the two villages we want to talk about today.

The first one is Suvereto, a Medieval village located in an hilly area in the Val di Cornia. Its name means “wood of cork” because in ancient times this area was rich in this botanical variety. What strikes the visitor is undoubtedly its Medieval structure: it is made up of a dense network of narrow streets, enchanting squares, houses and shops with the red color of the local stone collected inside the walls together with other buildings of great historical and cultural interest.

A particular aspect of the village of Suvereto is represented by the many occasions linked to the folklore and traditional festivals: Suvereto is included in the “Cities of Wine and Oil” circuit, products that represent two flagships for the small village and has the wild boar meat as its protagonist: but do not worry, in any season you can taste the local salami in the shops of the village.


The other village we want to talk about is Montescudaio, which is located in the Val di Cecina, in the heart of the splendid Maremma Pisana. Montescudaio is a small village full of charme, in perfect harmony with the peace of the surrounding nature: from the Medieval castle with a delightful lookout, it dominates the town and offers a breathtaking view. The village is also rich in villas dating back to the late Nineteenth century: for this reason, it is a must to walk through the streets of the village during the sunset, when the sun illuminates the stone of the buildings and the warmth of the valley carries the perfumes of the wines and the flora.

Even the village of Montescudaio offers visitors an excellent culinary bid: it was named “City of Bread”, the classic Tuscan bread baked in a wood oven and ideal for accompanying lunches or dinners based on soups, vegetables or innards. Montescudaio is also part of the “National Wine City Association”, being able to boast its own DOC that includes the towns of the Val di Cecina: this is where every year the Wine Festival is held, the perfect moment to discover this area and its excellences.